Frequently Asked Questions


I'm new to town. How would you describe the various levels of play in your tournaments?


BB is intermediate level competition. Players have limited training on individual volleyball skills. Handling/setting calls are not strict. Consistent three-hit rallies.

A is advanced level competition. Players have trained on individual volleyball skills. Advanced setting and serving. Good defense.

OPEN is for elite-level competition. Players play and train year-round. Players have trained extensively on individual volleyball skills. Excellent setting with high-velocity attacks. Float, jump float, and/or high-velocity jump serving. Pinpoint passing.


How are sandbaggers (intentional or not) handled?


We try really hard to scan rosters and make sure people are playing where they're supposed to be. Our standard is that teams are expected to play to the level of their best player. In the case that a player is borderline between divisions we reserve the right to make a judgment call in an effort to create the best tournament experience possible. If something gets past us, then we will address it during the tourney. We expect all players on the roster to put themselves on the right team and in the right division. If we notice that a team is clearly in the wrong spot, they will be allowed to finish pool play, but their day will end there regardless of record and points. It is simply not fair to the other teams in the division to handle it any other way.


What if someone on my team gets injured. Can I substitute?


If someone on your roster gets injured during the day and cannot continue, you are allowed to substitute another player of equal or lower skill. Your team will be allowed to finish pool, but not allowed to move on, regardless of record or points.
There is a special case of this for indoor tourneys. If the injury occurs within the first two matches of the day and you substitute in someone of equal or lower skill, then your team will be allowed to earn your way out of pool, just like any other team.


What is your payment and cancellation policy?


Payment policy: To officially register for any Angry Dragon Volleyball event you must complete two connected steps. First, create your complete roster -- with all team members properly listed with individual emails for the online waiver. You are then guided to the second step, where you supply payment information. Credit cards will be charged immediately. Complete teams are confirmed into the tournament in the order that payment information is received. The effect of this policy is that a team that registers early but does not process online payment will lose their spot to a team that registers after them but pays online before them. For all players, this speeds up on-site registration the morning of the tournament so we can start on time and prevents no-shows that have a negative impact on pool assignments.

Cancellation policy: Team cancellations that occur from the time registration is first paid online until two days prior to an event will be refunded 75% of the registration fee (e.g. cancel before midnight on Wednesday for a tourney that is held on Saturday). Teams that cancel after that point will forfeit their entire registration payment. Exception to policy is when there are not enough teams in the registered division to field a complete pool. If that happens, teams in the division that does not make will be offered a refund minus credit card fees. Any questions on this policy or its application should be addressed to


Inclement weather policy:


    1. If cancellation occurs before the first game begins, 75% of all registration fees for all teams present will be refunded.
    2. If cancellation occurs at any point during pool play, no refund will be offered.
    3. If cancellation occurs during playoffs, in divisions where there are cash payouts, those total cash payouts will be split evenly between the then active teams in the tournament.


Tournament cancellations will occur when either of the following conditions are met:

    1. Field conditions do not facilitate safe play.
    2. Continued play on the field would cause significant damage.


The ADV TD has the discretion to temporarily suspend all play as well as clear the playing field for any reason they deem appropriate.


Venue directions:


Etowah River Park

600 Brown Industrial Pkwy
Canton, GA 30114
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  Etowah River Park Field Map

Honeysuckle Park

3037 Pleasant Valley Drive
Doraville, GA 30340
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  Honeysuckle Park Field Map


Tsunami Center

5163 Old Dixie Highway
Forest Park, GA 30297
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How do I make changes to my registration?


Changes are usually pretty easy, if you know where to start. You can either log in and select Registration or click the link in the payment email you were sent after registering. If you haven't paid for your team yet, you will see something that looks like this:


When you select "Make Payment or Cancel," you'll see something like this:


Just select one of those options, and you're good to go. If you Modify Registration, it will take you to a screen where you can modify roster, name, etc.

If you've already paid for your registration, when you log in and select Registration, it will look something like:


Selecting View Details will take you here:


Where you can change roster, team name, etc.

Another way to get there is through the link at the bottom of your receipt email:


If you run into problems, please just send us an email at